Stable Fresh

StableFresh is a one of a kind urine remover that biologically consumes urine and odor instead of just masking them. Just pennies per day per stall. Save money and keep your stable fresh and clean with StableFresh.

Other companies produce products that mask or absord urine, StableFresh literally consumes the urine and neutralizes PH because StableFresh contains a natural blend of bacteria designed to speed up the biodegrading process.  It works great on manure piles too.   
No More ODOR

StableFresh assists in fly control

Eliminates stall odors

Consumes urine through bioenzyme action

Contains a blend of bacteria designed to speed the biodegrading process while eliminating odor

All natural

USDA approved

Envorinmentally correct
Directions:  Shake Well.  Mix 1 part StableFresh concentrate to 3 parts water in a spray bottle or pump sprayer.  After removing soiled bedding, apply StableFresh solution liberally to the wet areas. Repeat daily for one week.  Aplications may then be reduced tp as low as once a week depending on the odor and quantity of urine produced by the animal.

StableFresh may also be applied to manure piles accelerating the breakdown and decreasing the fly population. StableFresh eliminates the need to use lime in the stall area.  StableFresh reduces the time and money spent on the use of lime, as well as eliminating the caustic effect of lime to the animals skin and breathing passages. CAUTION: Eye irritant. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed.  In case of contact with skin or eyes flush throughly with clean water.
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